bank at hause - factor xchange

30% of all food produced is lost or wasted. 75% loss occurs prior to retail. Bank at hause - factor xchange takes novel approach to solve this problem. Bank at hause - factor xchange is African leading award winning solution that uses insect and rot resistant 3ply bags to store produce for longer periods and enable the produce earn better. The producers are pulled together disaggregated farms to a smart value chain linked to wholesalers financed to purchase farmer's stock. The wholesalers are connected to marketplaces available with large-scale agro buyers in Africa, Dubai and the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Bank at hause selectively finances wholesalers to purchase farm produce packed in insect and rot-resistant 3-ply bags pulled through the supply chain, ensuring superior financial returns to farmers, small traders, and to wholesalers, thus combating food loss in Africa’s agriculture and agribusiness markets. Since inception, the startup team of agric tech and finance experts has raised funding from Uganda Development Bank and Makerere Innovation and Incubation Center, which facilitated market research connecting potential customers to open marketplaces in Africa, Dubai, GCC region.

NEXT STEPS are accelerating growth, incorporating more users and investors feedback to improve the product for food security and poverty alleviation in line with Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of United Nations.